Whitetail Deer

Huge bodied, dark horned bucks that carry big mass have attracted sportsmen from all over the world to Alberta to hunt these giant whitetails.

Our whitetail deer hunts are conducted right out of our home camp, 1.5 hours northwest of Edmonton. Our team of professional guides spend a lot of time the whole year through scouting and preparing to put one of these giant brutes in front of you when the rut and rifle season kick in come November.

Whitetail hunts here are generally conducted out of comfortable roomy heated tower blinds set in strategic high traffic whitetail areas. Other methods include rattling, spotting and still hunting at certain times.

We focus on making everything we can control the best it can be. Hot home cooked meals with every modern accommodation and a truly enjoyable camp atmosphere make for a fun week with big bucks and lots of laughs. This is a great hunt to enjoy with a friend or relative.

Small very organized camps ensure our clients can expect to have our full dedication and attention from the time you land in Edmonton until the time we return you to the airport.

These hunts include airport transportation, meals and accommodations, field trophy care and prep for shipping, as well as professional, very experienced guides.