Bear Hunts

Full contact hunting would be a great way to describe hunting black bears with hounds. This is a fast paced, action packed, hunt that adopts a style used by hunters for hundreds of years: Dog v.s. Game.

Bear populations are at an all time high in British Columbia where these hunts are conducted during the spring months. Hunting starts from specially equipped 4X4 trucks and ATV's daily until the hounds are released after indicating they've picked up the fresh scent of a big travelling boar. As the hounds give chase we do our best to stay in the race by whatever means necessary until the bear is treed or bayed, at which time we can asses the animal closely to ensure it's the correct sex and fully mature before harvesting. If the adrenaline rush of walking into a huge bayed up boar with hounds doesn't get your heart pounding out of your chest, nothing will.

Sportsmen joining us on this hunt can expect to see endless beautiful boreal forest country and an abundance of other wildlife making everyday enjoyable. Due to high bear populations hunters can legally harvest 2 bear during their time here with us.

These hunts include dog teams and experienced professional guides, airport transportation, meals and modern accommodations, field trophy care and hide/skull prep for shipping, or taxidermy with our in house-taxidermists.