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We offer hunts for a variety of species throughout North America. However, our passion for pursuing predators with hounds is a very strong one, and that’s what we specialize in!

With an unrivaled dedication to hunting and guiding, we are 100% committed to making your hunt a success. Our goal is to send you home with the trophy of a lifetime, and a deep desire to be back amidst the high mountain peaks, alpine forest, and fir ridges that we and the game we pursue call home.


Our Hunts

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take it from our clients...

It took me about 5 years to decide who to hunt lions with.  
I did a lot of research and after talking with Kelly Morton on my first phone call with him, it was evident he was my guy.  We talked for what seemed like hours and I felt I had known him my whole life.  It was an easy choice at that point and before I knew it my #1 bucket list hunt was suddenly coming to fruition.
I have a cousin who is deeply emerged in the hound hunting world and he confirmed my choice claiming I'd booked with a legendary Canadian houndsmen.  After arriving at camp I knew the decision we'd made was the right one for sure.
Every detail was accounted for, I had a hunt anyone could only wish for and on day 4 I was blessed with a giant Tom lion of many lifetimes.  Kelly's partner Tyler is as much a horsemen as Kelly is a houndsmen and the combination is just lethal for the ground they hunt.  I can't thank Kelly, Tyler and their teams enough for everything they did to ensure I truly had the adventure of a lifetime.  After hunting all over the world I can't wait to hunt again with these men.  This is a 5 star lion hunt.
-Paul B

Mid December 2022 a friend and I had a great trip with Kelly Morton Hunting and crew. We had a double header on the first day out on Lynx and a couple of days later I was fortunate enough to harvest a Bobcat (what a beautiful animal) the guide we were with had excellent dogs and a roomy 3/4 ton truck. The accommodations are absolutely fine and the home cooked meals were some of the very best! Gone in the morning just before daylight and home in the dark (solid effort days and no quit). I really do need to make mention of the folks we were staying with were very good at skinning and taxidermy work! An excellent trip for anybody of any age.

-Dale H

I have hunted extensively throughout the US on many DIY hunts; I have taken several people on their first or best deer hunt as friends. I have been blessed to have hunted on a great many guided hunts, from the Arctic to the southern hemisphere, hunting with some of whom I consider to be the best guides in the World and as you can imagine a few that were not very good.

Having hunted lions in 2 Canadian Provinces’ and 2 US states with multiple Outfitters over more than a decade, I can fully recommend Kelly Morton and his team of Tyler Thomson to outfit your adventure cat hunt. They are the best in the business.

These men are quality people, that give unsurpassed effort. They have talented dogs and horses that know how to get the best out of the animals. The area they hunt in has the lion genetics and unbelievably beautiful game rich country in which to hunt in.

This hunt is truly the adventure of a lifetime.

-Dave A

My wife and I just finished a bear hunt with Kelly Morton Hunting. This was a first for us using an outfitter and to say it was a success would be an understatement. This place id top notch. Kelly, his crew\, and most importantly his dogs, were way more than we could have asked for. We both were fortunate to harvest bears of a lifetime, but what really stood out was the attention they paid to even the smallest details. Every facet of our experience was exceptional, from the food, Kristen is a great cook and Kelly, Charlie and Scotty really know how to hunt. Great camaraderie, strong determination, they really know their stuff. We highly recommend this place; trust us, you will not be disappointed.

-Dave and Tashenna H

I can't say enough good things about my hunt with Kelly Morton Hunting. Kelly was honest about the expectations and what the hunt would involve. He and his crew went above and beyond to find me a big mature tom as is his goal for everyone. His dogs are second too none and I enjoyed watching them work more than anything.  We treed 3 different lion during my time with Kelly and his crew and for my one and only guided hunt I couldn't have asked for a more incredible experience. 

- Derek B

The cougar –  Canada’s largest majestic cat.  I had a friend set up a cat hunt for me with Kelly and his crew for Dec. 2015. I didn’t really know what to expect as most of my hunting experiences away from home have not been all that successful. I wasn’t all that optimistic, however this outfitter had done his homework. At legal light on the first morning the hounds were let loose on a big tom track. These dogs and guides were awesome, staying on the tracks through deer kills and even other outfitters trying to stomp out tracks and hinder our hunt. When Kelly thought we were getting close, I started to follow the dogs. The cat was treed by and shortly after we were heading home with my beautiful cat making Boone & Crockett with an official score of 15 5/16. These people are professional, the dogs are awesome and I made some great new friends.
The whole experience was impeccable from the way I was treated, the way the dogs worked, the professionalism of the outfitter and his crew and the quality of the animal that was harvested. My only regret is the quick success we achieved didn’t allow me to spend more time in the great surroundings. This is definitely the highlight of my hunting career.
Thanks again Kelly, Chelsey and crew. Another hunt with your outfit is certainly on my bucket list.
- Steve S
If you're looking for an above average, professional trophy mountain lion hunt I highly recommend hunting with Kelly Morton Hunting. My brother and myself hunted with Kelly and Chelsey and we were rewarded with a quality, truly world class hunt. The crews extensive knowledge of the hunting area and the drive to succeed shows in their constant success. I have been on many guided hunts and the extra care and attention to the entire hunt, the field photos, and trophy care was above and beyond.  We both harvested giant toms, with my brothers winning the largest of the season through the entire province at 15 13/16” B&C official.  I will be booking again with Kelly very soon. 
- Jesse K
Kelly and Chelsey run a top notch operation!
I’ve had the opportunity to hunt cougar, whitetail and mule deer with Kelly on more then one occurrence and man does he know the drill, from properly taking care of  his hunters, well trained dogs and pro guides, these boys really do know where all the big bucks and even bigger mountain lions live!
 Let's not forget about the home cooked meals to be had and hours of stories to be told at the end of each day making each day successful no matter what!!
If you want to be treated to an amazing central Alberta deer hunt, or watch some of the best dogs in the world work a mountain lion track till your big old tom is up the tree right before your eyes, then you definitely need to book a hunt with Kelly Morton hunting
- Scott B
Host Pure Instinct Outdoors
Highly recommend Kelly Morton Outfitters in all aspects, from very knowledgeable staff to quality of game, great food and comfortable lodging!!
- Rex H

Hunting with Kelly Morton was to say the least exciting!  Action packed never a dull moment. I was thrilled to get the opportunity. Both myself and my wife both killed excellent cats. Along with my best friend. We had two out of the three cats go Boone and Crockett!! That's over 15"! Super glad we chose Kelly, great guide and great houndsman. You won't regret it, its an unreal hunt Promise you that.

- Darren C 
Solitude taxidermy

In January 2019 I went on a short notice lynx hunt in British Columbia with Kelly Morton. Kelly had a couple cancelations and without any research I decided to take a leap of faith and book a hunt with Kelly. I got there and could immediately tell Kelly was a genuine guy who wanted me to have a successful hunt. Long story short we ended up treeing four lynx in six days of hunting and we turned the hounds loose everyday of the hunt! If you are a houndsman you will really appreciate the great dogs that Kelly has. Being a houndsman myself it was a joy watching his dogs work! The food was phenomenal! We ate like kings and Kelly, Chelsey, and our guide Brett treated us like family. Kelly and Chelsey far exceeded my expectations and I came away with a beautiful trophy, some great memories,  and some great new friends. I fully intend to repeat this hunt in the future!

- Jeff

At the beginning of January I had the opportunity of a lifetime and was able to go hunt lynx in British Columbia, Canada. Kelly Morton was the outfitter for this hunt and did not disappoint. Kelly and Chelsey made sure that my friend and I felt right at home. Kelly knows the ins and outs of running and working with hounds. Kelly and his guides work hard and will do everything in their power to help you get what you came for. He is not only a great outfitter but also a great guy to be around. Chelsey did an amazing job making sure we always had enough to eat and the food was amazing. The whole week I was always looking forward to what we were having for supper. These two make a amazing team that will make your hunting experience. They are all around good people, And will make your hunting trip a trip of a lifetime! 

- Kegan Kearsley



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